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Extremely tiny plastic hands, aka: The hands that go hand in hand with your regularly small hands that go hand in hand with your hand.


A pair of teeny tiny hands (finger hands for your finger hands) - one left, one right.


I’ve made a terrible mistake. I wanted to order 2 extremely tiny hands (as they tickle me so very much), but I accidentally ordered 144 :(


These aren’t even the ones you put on your fingers!! They’re even smaller than that! They’re tiny hands for your tiny hands that you already have!! That is not commercially viable unless I also sell the regularly small hands! What have I done!!!!


You can put them on the tops of pencils and pens though so that’s very cool :) I love tiny hands so much, they are so funny and so small. My love consumed my judgement. I am a fool.

Extremely Tiny Hands - Pair Of

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