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Small Fries Games Knock Knock! First Words Game


This versatile, fun, colourful game is best described by the creator herself, who crafted Knock Knock! First Words after finding a gap in the market for games for little ones that extend past a mere few months of use. Further than when your tiny tot is suddenly all older now and has moved on to a different game because geez, ma, pa, other parent or guardian, that game was so six months ago when I didn’t know what a moo cow was.


Small Fries Games crafted a game that’s not only bright, fun and appealing, but educational too! It’s a game big and little siblings can play together, with several ways to play, adapting to the wee jellybean in question and their development and age.


I’ll now step away and do as I promised about two hundred words ago. I’m buzzing about this game, dudes!!

Take it away, Nat:


Knock Knock! Who is it?


... It's Knock Knock! First Words - a brand new game created for babies (yes babies!), toddlers and up!


There's fun behind every door in this card game with 7 different ways to play. Knock on the door and see who's there, learn new words, match cards, make sets, play memory pairs and more! Each card is illustrated by Parker Jacobs (designer behind the preschool hit TV show Yo Gabba Gabba!) into 4 familiar sets (food, toys, animals and clothes) giving you new ways to bond with your children.


Knock Knock! first words is the first in a range of card games designed to grow with your family. The games and activities are suitable for different stages of development and can be played by children of different ages at the same time.


7 in 1 games and activities for 1 - 4 players aged 0+ to 3+. The 32 colourful A6 sized, laminated cards are engaging, sturdy and wipe clean - perfect for little hands.

Made from FSC card in the UK. (Single use plastic free.) Complies with UKCA, CE and CPSC.


Makes for a great gift! Perfect for baby showers, first birthdays, second birthdays and new babies/parents/grandparents! Knock Knock! first words is the fun, unique and educational present you've been searching for!

Knock Knock! First Words Game

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